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What are men supposed to do? Shut off the part of them that makes them human? She knows what she’s doing wearing what she’s wearing by posing like that. She knows the cause and effect with those sultry looks she’s showing. She’s sexually objectifying herself and she’s doing it on purpose so we’ll look. She’s fishing. However men are shammed when they take this bait. We’re pigs for checking her out. It could be an 18 year old or a 21 year old, 25 year old, 35 year old, etc dressed while posing like this.That’s sexism against men because you want us to repress our sexuality while teasing us in the process. 

You know, when I tell my dog to stay and I present her with a rather attractive bowl of food, she stays put. She knows that she’s not allowed to have it, so she stays away, meanwhile, the food continues to sit there looking attractive. So uh, if you’re telling everyone that men actually have less restraint than dogs, maybe you should think hard about who’s being prejudiced here. lol

Seriously? It’s so weird how men project all these intentions onto girls (and sometimes women) because of how they react to them that it’s “bait” and “sultry glances” and she knows “cause and effect.” Just because she’s wearing a certain outfit and posing for a camera. She is a minor. A sixteen year old girl. I really doubt you’d think your teenage daughter would have these kind of intentions toward men—or that even if she did that those intentions would be fully-informed or an open invitation to grown men. Nor would you be so forgiving of the men who reacted to her the way you are toward this girl.Not to mention that for all you know even a grown woman dressing like this could be a lesbian, asexual, celibate, in a committed relationship, or simply dressing this way for herself and have no interest in other men gawking at her. How the fuck do you know she’s trying to attract you or bait you? YOU are responsible for your reaction to things, no one else is. And no she is not objectifying herself. What the fuck does that even mean? Please explain to me how someone objectifies themselves? The whole point of objectification is that a SUBJECT removes the subjectivity of another person. YOU are objectifying HER.

As a man, I’ll say this. I think that she does know what she’s doing. There’s plenty of girls/women who do this. Rather or not she’s baiting someone is in the air because only she knows that and of course, she’s likely not going to say yes. 16 is that weird age where she’s a minor but she’s too old to come out in a school uniform with Keds and berets in her hair. But she’s definitely trying to look good for the camera, just as anyone would if the cameras were on them. Having said that, you as an adult, or better yet, us as adult men, do not need to use this as an excuse for messing around with underage girls. As long as you know she’s underage, you’re in the wrong and there’s really no justifying it. Do I think she could tone it down a bit? Sure. If my daughter went out looking like that around adult men, I’d ask her to tone it down some, especially if she already looks older than 16. But adult men need to take responsibility and not be baited, IF baiting is really what she’s trying to do. 
Thank you for your time.